Saturday, May 18, 2019

Gameboy Stuffie Pattern {FREE}

          * G hook
          * Worsted Weight yarn (black, red, sage, and 2 shades of grey)
               [Black - B, Red - R, Sage - S, Light Grey - L, Dark Grey - G]
          * Fiberfill
          * Yarn Needle

Back (worked all in L)
CH 16
Row 1: Sc in the 2nd chain and each chain across. CH 1, turn. (15)
Row 2: Sc in each stitch across. CH 1, turn. (15)
Row 3-33: Repeat Row 2 (15)
Fasten off and weave ends.

Front (Start in L and is worked all in sc just like the back.)
CH 16
Row 1 - 5: 15L
Row 6: 6L, 2B, 2L, 2B, 3L
Row 7: 4L, 2B, 2L, 2B, 5L
Row 8: 15L
Row 9: 15L
Row 10: 5L, 2R, 8L
Row 11: 2L, 2B, 3L, 4R. 4L
Row 12: 4L, 4R, 3L, 2B, 2L
Row 13: 6B, 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R, 1L
Row 14: 4R, 5L, 6B
Row 15: 2L, 2B, 7L, 4R
Row 16: 1L, 2R, 8L, 2B, 2L
Row 17: 15L
Row 18: 15L
Row 19: 15L
Row 20: 2L, 12G, 1L
Row 21: 1L, 12G, 2L
Row 22: 2L, 3G, 6S, 3G, 1L
Row 23: 1L, 3G, 6S, 3G, 2L
Row 24: 2L, 3G, 6S, 3G, 1L
Row 25: 1L, 3G, 6S, 3G, 2L
Row 26: 2L, 3G, 6S, 3G, 1L
Row 27: 1L, 1G, 1R, 1G, 6S, 3G, 2L
Row 28: 2L, 3G, 6S, 3G, 1L
Row 29: 1L, 12G, 2L
Row 30: 2L, 12G, 1L
Row 31: 15L
Row 32: 15L
Row 33: 15L
Do not fasten off.

*Place the bottom underneath wrong side up and sc top and bottom together. Place 3 sc in each corner. Leave about 10 stitch open to add your stuffing, finish yours sc and sl st to the beginning. Fasten off and weave in ends! *

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