Saturday, May 18, 2019

Bringing This Thing back!


I've removed all the posts on here except the VERY first one from 2015.
Let's kick this thing off again.
LOTS of free patterns coming! Follow the blog, follow us on facebook here and here!
Join our pattern/graph group here and you can purchased finished pieces and lots of other stuff here.

I'm Sarah, the face behind both SPRE: Patterns & Design and The She Wolf Pack.

*SPRE: Patterns & Design was created to share free patterns and sell paid patterns!
*The She Wolf  Pack was created to sell finished pieces, and lots of other things with my girls, who are also the models for my finished pieces. 

This is my oldest kiddo, Sierra Rose.
She is 11 years old and soo smart!
She has the attitude of a 16 year old 
and she's hilarious.

This is Raelynn Marie.
She's 7 years old and HUGE handful!
She's a smarty pants like no other
but we love her to death!

This is Emmersyn Grace.
She's 5 and my little CurlyQ.
She looks just like me and sadly
shares my attitude too!

This is Miss Norah Jayne.
She's 1 year old and my hero!
She's a Heart Warrior & the bravest
baby ever! #NorahWarriorPrincess.

This is Zoey Lynn.
She's 15 and my bonus daughter!
She has the kindest heart of any kid I know
and I wouldn't trade her for the world!

And here's the boys who refuse to have anything to do with this business but we love them anyway!

Parker Dean.
He's 9 and has more attitude than all the girls combined.
He loves coloring, legos, and reading.
He wants to be a wrestler when he grows up.

Jayden Cecil.
He's 20 years old and my bonus son.
He loves wresting, country music, and playing on his phone!
He hates when we make him play board games! LOL

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