Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crochet Fairy Silhouette Block - Fawn

There are only a couple blocks left in the Halloween Series so I've decided to go ahead and start a new CAL. Disney Fairy Silhouettes! Tinkerbell and all her fairy friends!

Again, there will be 9 total blocks, 8 fairies and 1 surprise block. These will be slightly different from the Halloween block though; They will be 50x50 and worked in Front Post Double Crochet and Back Post Double Crochet. (this stitch will make them rectangles instead of squares)

Follow these instructions and these blocks will be a breeze! First, though, here are some videos for a refresher on post stitches and foundation HDC: 

*Use a G hook*
* Start with a row of solid colored Foundation HDC. You will foundation HDC one for each square across the bottom of your block + 1, in this case 51 FHDC
*(start your graph in this row graph is worked left to right bottom to top) CH 1, turn HDC in the first stitch FPDC in the next stitch and all the way across, place a regular HDC in the same stitch as the last FPDC.
* CH 1, turn. HDC in the last HDC from the previous row, BPDC across, 1 HDC in the first HDC from the previous row,
*alternate rows of FPDC and BPDC until your graph is finished.
* Your last row will be a row of FP or BP HDC depending on where you are in the sequence. 
*CH 1, SC around the whole block, placing 3 SC in each corner.
* Fasten off and Weave in Ends!

( The squares that look burgundy on the graph are actually supposed to be warm brown! The warm brown and the orange looked too close in color on my monitor so I changed it!)


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