Monday, March 9, 2015

The Graph Pillow

I just LOVE this pillow! I do have to admit that using graphs on post stitches was totally the brain child of Amanda from, her graph hat is ADDICTING! As a matter of fact I created a group on facebook where I create graph for hats and more recently have started offering pillow graphs! Check it out here! There are lots of graphs up for sale there! :) Mention that you found the group via and all profits will go towards buying Amanda a SUPER AWESOME baby gift! :D

I hook
Yarn Needle
Worsted weight yarn (rhss 3 skeins of base color and 1 of each of the accent colors)
18x18” pillow or fiberfill stuffing
** This is just a tutorial, so I will not write out the whole pattern, I will write it out until the graph starts and then it’s pretty self-explanatory from there.**

**Graph is worked bottom up, and left to right.**
Round 1: 140 Fhdc, sl st to join to the beginning fhdc (all in the base color)
Round 2: CH2, fpdc in each stitch around. – (140 fpdc all in base color)
Round 3: CH2, fpdc 40 in the base color - then start your graph.
**when your pillow is finished, stitch the bottom shut, put your pillow or stuffing in and stitch the top shut**

**Some of you have already purchased this graph and now I'm offering it for free, shoot me an email via the contact me button with your name and the date on your invoice, as soon as I verify it I will offer you a NEW pillow graph for free!**

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