Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jumping in head first

This blog has been a long time coming! I've thrown around the idea for years and I've even started a few different blogs and let them fall by the wayside. This time is different! I've got so many patterns bouncing around in my head and its time I share them!

I'd like to thank Amanda from MNE Crafts for encouraging me to get this started and stick with it! She is who I aspired to be in the blogging and design community! That's dedication right there!

SPRE: Patterns & Designs is named for my children. They are my whole world!

This is my oldest daughter, Sierra.
She's 6 years old and a serious spitfire!
She has the attitude of a 16 year old and she's hilarious!

This is my only son, Parker. 
He's 4 years old and the biggest sweetheart ever! 
He's super soft spoke n and VERY over protective of his sisters!

This is my middle daughter, Raelynn.
She's 2 years old and she reminds me alot of myself... ATTITUDE!
She's my rotten angel -- so cute you can't stay mad at her!

And this is my youngest daughter, Emmersyn. 
She's 8 months old and such a big girl already! 
She's a daddy's girl and a crawling machine!!

 You'll probably be seeing their adorable faces all over this blog modeling my new designs!

Stay tuned! I will be making my first pattern post Monday morning!

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